We've made it easier than ever to get on a new bike! Unless you are shopping for your first bike, we understand it can be a pain to sell your current ride. It takes time to list it, it takes time to answer questions, it takes time to meet with prospective buyers and let them check it out. Rapid Cycling has happily partnered with BicycleBlueBook to make the entire experience easier for you.

  1. Bring in your used bike to Rapid Cycling.
  2. We'll jump on BicycleBlueBook with you to determine the value of the bike. BicycleBlueBook is neutral, there is no haggling on the value of the bike. Based on the condition and age of the bike, BicycleBlueBook sets a fair trade-in value.
  3. Pick out your new bike! When you accept the value from BicycleBlueBook, you are issued a store credit right then and there to be used on a new bike (and anything else in the store you may want).

Plug in the details of your trade-in below to see how much store credit you have coming your way. In September, add 10% more!