Shopping Local

Almost a year ago I bought a new vacuum. We have a white German Shepherd (you've seen him in the Rapid Cycling social media feed sporting his shop collar!) who sheds like crazy. When I say he sheds more than any other dog we've ever had, it isn't an exaggeration.

So we needed a vacuum that could handle a lot of dog hair.

I visited our local Cleaning Supplier. I was able to demo different machines, ask very specific questions, have a professional help me pick out a vacuum that best fit my specific needs. All in all, my buying experience was fantastic and I was thrilled we have a local specialty store for something as utilitarian as a vacuum.

Fast forward almost a year,  the dog hair combined with the dust and dirt of Southern Utah living, my vacuum was emitting a smell that disagreed with my nose. I took it back to The Cleaning Supplier and left it for service. A couple days later, I got the call it was ready and went to pick it up. My hard-working vacuum was clean and serviced and looked brand new. He handed it over and said "there is no charge, we service all vacuums we sell at least once for free." 

He smiled and again talked me through caring for the vacuum and then I left and thought to myself "What if I had bought a vacuum online???" What a different experience it would be.

And then I thought about the similarities between shopping at a small, local specialty cleaning supply store and shopping at a local bike shop. As one of the owners of Rapid Cycling, I can only hope that we have had customers walk out the doors of our stores and be just as happy they bought from us rather than buying online.

Sometimes we really just want or need the lowest price possible. Sometimes we need a fair price and stellar customer service. I’ll take the customer service and personal experience any day.

Send it

I spend a lot of time with a 12-year-old. A 12-year-old who plays goalkeeper on his soccer team and isn't afraid to throw his body in front of a charging opponent to stop the ball. A 12-year-old who has had two concussions and two broken wrists. He begs to go skiing and jumps at any chance to take his mountain bike out for a ride. 

He isn't afraid to send it.

His mom is afraid to send it. In fact, that would be me. I can admit it here, I am afraid to send it.

But after last weekend's ride with him, I have decided I have a few things to learn from the boy. We went riding on a new to me trail. He'd gone once before and begged his dad to take him again. Because I didn't want to ruin their fun, I agreed to give it a go. I was timid. I slowed them down but as I watched him fearlessly follow his dad, I was impressed with his excitement. When we got to the last half of the trail, the descent was the only way out of there, his voice played over and over in my head. "I'm going to just send it. Just send it. Just send it. Just send it." 

So I did. 

Kind of.

I kind of sent it. I tried and then I wrecked as I knew I would and I knocked the wind out of myself and scraped up my elbow and my knees and bruised myself considerably. But I did have a personal victory...I didn't cry. Last time I wrecked like this I cried on the trail. 

But what 12-year-old boy wants to see him mom cry while mountain biking? Probably none. 

What 12-year-old wants to inspire a hat at his favorite local bike shop? I know one for sure!


Why Do Some Cyclists...

Why do some cyclists….

Type those words into your internet browser and Google will automatically list the most searched phrases that begin with those same words. We often have people walk through the doors of Rapid Cycling who are new to cycling with questions. People who want to enjoy the benefits of riding a bicycle but are hesitant because they are unfamiliar with the cycling community. 

In an effort to make you feel more comfortable with the idea of riding a bicycle for fun/fitness/joy, I am going to answer the most common autofill questions on Google. And maybe it will convince you that it is time to enjoy the immeasurable benefits of cycling.

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Will Gause Success Story

We love being a part of local Will Gause's success story! One of the bikes he rides all over town is a fixie he bought at Rapid Cycling. "My weight loss plan became 'Bike a lot and eat right.'" Perfect! 

Flying Monkeys 2017

Rapid Cycling is proud to be one of the Flying Monkeys Team sponsors again for the 2017 season. Plus we are super excited that our mountain bike brands are so supportive of local area junior high and high school racers. 


First of all, all kids and coaches get 10 percent off bike parts, tools and nutrition in the store. For apparel, shoes, hydration packs, tubes, helmets and gloves there is a 15 percent discount. You need it, we have it and you can get it at a discount. We should have all racers and coaches in our system so when you give your name at check-out, the discount will be automatically applied. The best way to make sure you get your discount is to let us know that you should get it before check out.

On top of the accessories discount, Scott, Giant, Liv, and Yeti all offer discounts for all NICA participants on bikes. 

Scott // 20 percent off bike purchase for kids and coaches. You do need to have your NICA information available when you purchase the bike.

Giant // 20 percent off bike purchase for kids and coaches. You do need to have your NICA information available when you purchase the bike.

Liv // 20 percent off bike purchase for kids and coaches. You do need to have your NICA information available when you purchase the bike.

Yeti // 15 percent off bike purchases for kids and coaches. To get the Yeti discount, follow these instructions:

  1. All NICA athletes and coaches are asked to register through the Yeti Pro Site. They are asked to fill out all personal information and show proof of NICA registrations (via payment receipt). They will also be asked to list their Yeti dealer (chose Rapid Cycling).
  2. Yeti will process the order and ship the bike to Rapid Cycling for the final build.
  3. The bike will be available for pickup at Rapid Cycling.
  4. Come join the Tribe!


Flying Monkeys are also eligible for one FREE initial bike tune up at the beginning of the season.

Stop by Rapid Cycling at 705 N. Bluff Street and 446 S. Mall Drive if you have questions and to test ride a new bike!