Rapid Cycling Fits

People who spend hours in the saddle each week know what body fits are all about. They understand the difference a good fit makes. They appreciate that a few hours at the shop with the experienced fit staff at Rapid Cycling will result in a more comfortable ride, more efficiency in pedaling, more power in general on rides and in competition.

Each bike fit appointment begins with a pre-fit assessment. It is our goal to understand your cycling goals, experience and expectations. Please come prepared with your cycling gear: shoes, top and shorts.

During the bike fit, Rapid Cycling will complete the following:
Saddle Width and Selection
Using measuring tools, the body fit staff will help select the correct saddle for your personal needs.

Saddle Fore/Aft Positioning and Height
Saddle position makes a difference in hip joint, knee joint and ankle comfort and flexibility. The body fit staff will determine the best saddle position and angle for your needs and body geometry as a cyclist.

Handlebar Width
On road bikes, it is especially important to assess the handlebar and ensure the shoulders fit.

Reach and Drop
The bike fit staff at Rapid Cycling will ensure the position of your hands, arm and shoulders are comfortable and relaxed.

You will be more comfortable and more efficient in your pedaling. That results in more power! If you've been fit before, it may be time to do it again. As you become stronger and more flexible, the way you ride your bike also changes. It is recommended you are fit about once a year.

Bike fits are done by appointment only. Call the shop at (435) 703-9880 or email us to make your appointment!

Mountain Bike Suspension Tuning

Rapid Cycling is thrilled to have the Quarq ShockWiz! This is a suspension tuning system for mountain bikes combining high-tech hardware with an intuitive smartphone app. Basically, this is Tuning 101. It gives you the proper settings to get the most out of your mountain biking experience. It goes on your bike, you take it for a ride, you come back and we'll adjust your bike according to the setting recommended by the ShockWiz. You'll take the bike out again for a quick ride to make sure it feels right. The ShockWiz rental is $50 or $25 on a mountain bike you buy at either Rapid Cycling location.